I am using a Wordpress theme for a Real Estate site, and the theme has the following function: When you add a listing, the theme will use the listing title (street address), and the 'city' and 'state' tags, to set the listing map pin. It can also default to lat/long (you can manually add it when creating a new listing)

Due to wanting to use a descriptive title - rather than a street address - for the listings, I want the map to place the pin based only on the lat/long. When I use a descriptive title the listing map does not load - so the map is not defaulting to the lat/long after it fails to geocode the descriptive title.

Mapping code is as follows (I am no expert so have been trying many changes, all which break the mappping functions!) - I believe this is this part that needs changing. From what I can figure, it is supposed to default to lat/long but it just won't load the map/marker without any kind of address in the title.

Link: http://pastie.org/4788710

It would be worth noting that the code above also applies to a function which places multiple listing markers on a homepage map. Preferably I would like the maps to always populate from the manually added lat/long (even the homepage one) but I just cannot get it to happen without breaking the maps... I have tried many different options myself, but based on my limited knowledge and the fact that I cannot find another instance of a similar issue, I just keep on breaking it.

Any information would be much appreciated.

I have added the full code below if that is any help...

Link:  http://pastie.org/4788712