Thought I would write a simple guide to moving to VDSL and how to go about lt.  Firs read this from Sam as it goes over the basics and what to expect.

First I think you have to get the wiring in you house right because the $400 charge may put you off.  In my case my internet died 18 months ago so chorus came out and eventually found that just outside of the house was fine something internal wasn't right and was getting really low sync rates or no DSL at all.  Wired in a direct Cat 5 connection to a jackpoint and now all working again.  Now that is important because I got VDSL connected for free and there is no splitter.

But I wanted to keep my number until I ported that to my VOIP account with 2talk but more on that in a minute.  I asked snap how to achieve this as I thought there would be some downtime as you would usually have to port first then add the naked broadband.  But Snap said the number was attached to the internet but they could request to take over just the internet.  I asked to get a date for the switch as they say we like to send out the modem first but I said just get a date booked so they said Monday and this was on a Thursday.  The modem was sent on Friday and it arrived on Monday.

I plugged it in with my ADSL2 settings and all looked good as it was supposed to be switched sometime in the afternoon it was after 5PM so I was giving up on it happening but then the DSL dropped and a minute later came back with a VDSL sync.  Another call to Snap as I couldn't get to the web just said my username or password was wrong but just needed the billing switched at their end.  So I still had my Vodafone number which worked fine without a splitter.  Then I requested the port to 2talk which is happening 6 August. No downtime keep my number and get crazy fast internet in 3 days.

Now the great thing about the Fritz Box is it has VOIP built in you can plug 2 analogue handsets in the back and it registers with a VOIP provider.  I have not used or tested the built functions like answering machine as 2talk takes care of everything I need.  But the best thing is I didn't have to plug it in as I registered my Panasonic handset directly with the Fritz Box now I can place the base station where I want and not directly where my modem is which was not an ideal place.  I bought a second Panasonic handset and registered that as well and switched my original one back to the Vodafone line until its ported.  So now we will actually have 2 lines in the house so if someone is on the phone and some else calls or wants to make a call this work as my 2talk account is the $23 plan with 2 concurrent calls.  I run a business with another number on it so its no extra cost for me and if you have addons with your current provider for cheap calling it will work out cheaper.  For all the features voicemail, caller ID or forwarding would cost extra on a traditional line and now I have 2.  Make sure the phone you have or get supports the DECT-GAP standard I found the Uniden DECT did not work at all. Also if it wont register turn off encrypted connections as one worked and one didn't.  The sound quality is awesome and VOIP is handled by the Fritz Box well so no other traffic can effect it. 

1.  Install a VDSL splitter or actually disconnect all but one of your jackpoints you dont need them and can be easily be reconnected
2.  Get Snap to take just broadband from your current provider and get a date for the switch on the phone.  
3.  Leave your number with your current provider don't even bother talking to them
4.  Once the switch has happened port to 2talk you could do this earlier but I would make sure you have VDSL first

Speeds are at 40Mb down and 10Mb up.  Pretty awesome and UFB speeds for a lot of people today is possible.