I am experiencing a lot of frustration with my non-touchscreen Android devices. I have posted about some issues here before, but as I plod onward I learn more things. Hopefully I can ask better questions.


I am an old person and even with glasses, I have a hard time seeing small detail on the TV screen. This makes things harder than they should have to be when navigating some apps.


A bigger TV or closer viewing position are not viable options at this time. What would be really useful would be a screen magnifier that can be activated when needed. Exactly what I need is built into Android. But it only works with a touch screen. I can find no way to access it from a keyboard or mouse. How am I supposed to triple tap when I can’t tap at all?


Shortcuts to avoid painful mouse navigation through endless layers would also be really helpful. But any shortcut I try to make to my Home page disappears into a black hole. This happens with two different Android devices. I don’t know why. I also have a little Android tablet and I notice it has multiple Home screens that have to be slid in and out of view. Maybe my shortcuts are appearing on a different Home screen. I don’t know. I can’t seem to find any trace of them anywhere.


If anyone can offer useful tips on either of these issues you would really make my day.