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#4190 10-Jun-2005 12:47
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Telecom is to expand its super fast 3G Mobile Broadband network to New
Zealand's main towns and cities.

"Mobile Broadband will fundamentally change the way New Zealanders in the
main cities and towns use mobile technology and make it practical to work
away from the office at speeds that enhance rather than inhibit
efficiency," said Kevin Kenrick, General Manager of Telecom Mobile.

"Mobile Broadband allows you to connect remotely to your email and the
Internet as fast as a fixed line Broadband connection. It makes remote
working really work.

"If the response in the provinces and towns is anything like we've had
from the main centres we will see strong uptake from New Zealanders
enjoying the benefits of Mobile Broadband by Christmas 2005."

As part of its latest 3G development, Telecom will also expand existing
coverage in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

"In many cases this will effectively double the coverage in the main
centres while at the same time supporting our nationwide rollout to main
towns and cities."

Telecom's Mobile Broadband network is the fastest mobile data network in
New Zealand. While data speeds can obviously vary, Mobile Broadband is up
to 15 times faster than Telecom's existing nationwide 027 network and up
to six times faster than UMTS based services expected to be offered by
Telecom's competitors later this year.

Mobile Broadband enables Telecom customers who are away from their offices
to send and receive email, download business information, organise
appointments and access the internet via laptops and handheld devices at
unprecedented high speeds.

Telecom's mobile broadband will be available by Christmas in towns and
cities including Bay of Islands, Whangarei, Hamilton, Tauranga,
Whakatane, Rotorua, Tokoroa, Gisborne, Napier, Hastings, Ohakune, National
Park, Turangi, New Plymouth, Stratford, Hawera, Wanganui, Palmerston
North, Masterton, Martinborough, Carterton, Greytown, Levin, Waikanae,
Paraparaumu, Porirua, Upper Hutt, Lower Hutt, Picton, Nelson, Blenheim,
Kaikoura, Rangiora, Westport, Greymouth, Ashburton, Timaru, Oamaru,
Dunedin, Balclutha, Gore, Feilding, Invercargill, Auckland, Wellington,
Christchurch, Queenstown, Wanaka, Taupo, Coromandel plus smaller places
nearby like Huntly, Te Puke, Te Rapa, Thames, Ngongotaha, Helensville,

"After Christmas we will continue to expand and enhance our coverage in
these towns and cities to meet growing customer demands as more New
Zealanders choose to mobilise their way of life.

"This will ensure New Zealanders continue to be right at the forefront of
the global innovations in mobile communications."

Mr Kenrick said the extension of Telecom's Mobile Broadband would be
funded within the existing capital expenditure allocated for Mobile in

Since last November Telecom has introduced 5 new mobile services as part
of its Next Generation of Mobile Services which can be accessed on Telecom
's 027 network. These include mobile broadband, video messaging,
Push2Talk, video clips (featuring rugby, news, sports, music and movie
trailers) and Song ID.

Telecom's Mobile Broadband is being delivered in partnership with Lucent
Technologies. Lucent provide design, software and management for Telecom's
027 network.

Lucent New Zealand General Manager Jonathan van Smit said this extension
of Mobile Broadband coverage was another example of Lucent and Telecom
working together to bring New Zealanders world-class mobile services.

For more information, please contact:

Senior Corporate Affairs Executive
04 498 9155 or 027 244 8496

This message was sent to you because your email address is on the Telecom
media releases mailing list. To be removed from this mailing list please

IMPORTANT: Security is limited with current Internet email technology. If
you have doubts about the contents or source of this message, please
verify that this release comes from Telecom New Zealand by checking the
Telecom website at:

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Nate wants an iphone
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#15460 10-Jun-2005 14:22
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"Mobile Broadband allows you to connect remotely to your email and the
Internet as fast as a fixed line Broadband connection."

Now if only they could make the pricing competitive to fixed line broadband.


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#15474 10-Jun-2005 22:52
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Finally Telecom ROCKS

for all of the business and consumer users of data and other services this is brilliant news!!

Telecom have actually made a great move here, Voda will be hot on their heals with WCDMA but based on the 100's of extra sites they are erecting in CHCH, AUck and Welly i would be surprised if they follow suit so quickley but i could be wrong!

The next thing to do is to sort the Telstra Aussi roaming problems for 1x, this will be great for trans tasman business when they sort that! 
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#15488 11-Jun-2005 13:55
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It's taken a few years, but I can now say with total confidence...

Telecom Rock!!!

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#15508 11-Jun-2005 22:36
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woot! i'll have broadband while stuck at the mother-in-laws this christmas.

Hawkes Bay
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#15550 13-Jun-2005 12:53
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It is brilliant. Having that sort of speed just for day to day stuff.
Surfing the net on the couch using my Harrier will be better for a start!

Also great in the office for powercuts - I only use a laptop, even in the office, so power goes out, i can carry on working on battery and mobile data :-)

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#15559 13-Jun-2005 13:56
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Not just powercuts... My Desktop Pc harddrive died about 6 months ago, so i continued working on my Pda with GPRS, while waiting for a replacement. Deadly slow, but it was more than nothing. (i didn't have wifi in my pda back then)

i'm just not very happy paying the price telecom is offering for data.
i'm on $10 + $1/Mbyte for cdma. Same price for evdo?

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Ultimate Geek

#15562 13-Jun-2005 14:25
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mobile broadband Flexi is not bad for casual use !!

try mobile broadband 100 @ $59.95 per mth Inc GST

I guess as more people come online the pricing will improve as well, they just wont undercut broadband via ADSL 
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Wannabe Geek

#15563 13-Jun-2005 14:31
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so telecom $10 +$1 mb 10 mb = $20
vodafone $10 with 3mb + $2mb 10mb= $24 3mb + 7mb x$2 =$24 unless i am mistaken
6mb t=$16 v=$16

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Ultimate Geek

#15564 13-Jun-2005 14:40
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I think so based on your maths there

The 100 plan is 100 mb for 59.95 & $0.80 per mb after that.

200 mb is 99+GST 
Delivering better broadband services

UFB fibre, Rural fibre on EA networks, RBI wireless, Ruralnet & Ultra wireless, wireless networks

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Biddle Corp
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#15565 13-Jun-2005 15:04
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Ahh.. But Vodafone will argue the use of the Macara Optimiser software will actually give you anywhere from 30% more value on Vodafone than Telecom due to compression so you can't accurately compare data prices! :-)

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#15566 13-Jun-2005 15:08
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When I was "lucky" enough to use the voda optermizer I got pages that were 3 days out of date, constant disconnections, page read errors!!

In saying that, the news pages that were 3 days out of date did load quite quickly... no where near as fast as the EV-DO I now have... but in those days it was Ok (if you couldn't get to 14k modem I mean)



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#15567 13-Jun-2005 15:11
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Firstly it is important to understand what compression or optimiser software is and how it works.

Vodafone have made available through their website a white paper titled “White Paper: GPRS Network Generic Optimiser”. This paper outlines that the optimiser enhances performance in the following 3 ways:

1. By compression of content data
2. By caching web pages
3. By enhancing the performance of the TCP algorithm end to end

By Compression of Content Data

This is a method of taking downloadable content and compressing it further to reduce the size of the file and enhance the speed at which this file can be downloaded due to the reduced file size.

The Vodafone whitepaper is very specific about what sort of file can be compressed and that the level of compression will differ based on the file type downloaded.

What is excluded?

“Graphics and binary content cannot be highly compressed as, unlike with web pages, this must be done in a ‘lossless’ manner so the end content is exactly what was seen”

Let’s put this statement into context. Based on Vodafone’s own document the following would not be ‘highly compressed’.

Note: there is no explanation as to the performance difference between ‘highly compressed’ and normally compressed.

For example:

• Graphics – images such as those taken with a digital camera. By default an image is already compressed this is usually a JPEG, GIF, TIFF or BMP file.
• Binary Content – This includes Zip and Rar files which are already compressed along with software downloaded as an EXE and popular media files such as MPEG (Movies)

The document continues to state that:

“…..specific content within files will also have an effect on the amount of compression possible. E.g. large graphics will reduce the amount of compression available as the quality cannot be reduced in the end document the user receives.”

This statement is interesting as it seems that some of the most commonly sent business document types would not benefit from the compression software at all.

For example:

• Graphics embedded in documents – this would include any document containing graphics such as those contained in Word, PDF and Excel formats.

In terms of web pages the document explains that:

“The degree of compression depends on the nature of the material being downloaded, but includes removal of whitespace and comments from html and compression of graphics such as JPEG’s or GIF’s. The degree of image compression has been chosen to provide a good quality of image for normal web browsing while minimising the download time. The original image can be obtained by performing a ‘source’ refresh.”

Essentially this statement is incorrect as it states that JPEG’s and GIF’s are somehow compressed again. As these graphics formats by their very nature are already compressed the Optimiser software is actually removing significant aspects of the original image quality which is clarified in the last sentence by saying “The original image can be obtained by performing a source refresh”.

“If it is desired to view web page graphics at full resolution then the user can get these by performing a ‘source’ refresh on the web page as shown in the table below. This causes the Optimiser to send the original version and pass it through without compression”

A user has downloaded a web page and does not like the image or colour quality therefore performing a source refresh reloads the web page in its intended and original format. From a charging perspective a user has just paid twice for the same web page.

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#15568 13-Jun-2005 15:24
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and i'm still not sure what the optimizer is.

what i've gathered so far: it's a web proxy, and you need to be running full-blown windows on your mobile device, and install the software.

not much use for me and my pda, unless i've misunderstood what the optimizer is.

BDFL - Memuneh
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#15570 13-Jun-2005 16:01
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taniwha: and i'm still not sure what the optimizer is.

what i've gathered so far: it's a web proxy, and you need to be running full-blown windows on your mobile device, and install the software.

not much use for me and my pda, unless i've misunderstood what the optimizer is.
The Vodafone Optimiser is a transparent proxy. If you're running Windows OS (98, 2000, XP) and connect to Vodafone through a Mobile Connect Card or Bluetooth then you can use it in two ways:

  • clientless means that everything downstream is compressed (web traffic, pop3, imap)
  • client: means that everything up and down is compressed

    It will work on any GPRS connection (even on a Palm handheld connected via Bluetooth) without a client. They don't have the Windows Mobile client readily available (I haven't seem it).

    The other alternative is Accelenet Optimiser from Globility, which will do the same but the server is actually outside of any network, so it can be used on Vodafone, Telecom or any Wi-Fi provider for that matter. Globility does have Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Smartphone clients for their solution.



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    Hawkes Bay
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    #15575 13-Jun-2005 18:25
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    Taniwha - yes - same price for EVDO.

    Price on 1x data was lowered, then EVDO launched, and no premium was placed on the faster service.

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