I've moved to an SE U1 Satio from the Nokia E75, and I'm having problems linking to my PC from the U1. I launch PC Suite, it detects my phone, and then shows me a message:
"Before you can use this phone together with SE PC Suite you need to install the following hotfixes from the Microsoft website:
KB943198-v2: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/943198
KB945436: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/945436"

I then go to the microsoft website, where it first tells me the hotfixes are for a different Windows version from the one I'm running (which is XP Professional x64 Version 2003 Service Pack 2, on Intel E8500, 8GB of RAM). I downloaded and tried to install both hotfixes and get the same Error:
"This KBxxxxxxx is for a different hardware platform

Has anyone had a similar experience? Can anyone please help me sort this out: I quite like the U1 Satio, but I can't sync my contacts and schedules with Outlook if I can't connect. I can connect without any problems with my wife's W508a - it's only the darned Satio that's driving me nuts!!