Introducing THE UPLOAD
a modern culture blog

Hello My name is Christian, and in September of last year my boyfriend and I launched this blog.

I originally set out to do reviews until I realized how difficult they were. I reviewed a few phones from work (DSE) and it was just tedious and sucked the fun out of it and I'm a bit of a phone snob.

Then my BF just started posting gaming news as he is a massive gamer and so I looked to my Google Reader (RIP) to see what I could share and write in length about. Since then we have been redesigned about a trillion times and on the 20th of Jan this year we hit 10,000 views.

We now aim to post an array of content ranging from tech, to gaming, to TV/Movies, Music, Cult news, Gosip and the odd opinion piece. What we don't like to post about is super-serious-6pm-headline stuff because we just don't want to.
It's a fun hobby but we want to make it a successful one, we are trying our best to stick to a design and keep things consistent across the site because we want to start writing to a bigger audience and that's where you guys come in.

Have a look, and tell us what you think, feedback is welcome and so are comments.

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