Hi All,

We have launched a new startup. Its been in the making for the last ~18 months or so. However we have a current commercial offering available right now. And we will be accepting online self-service sign ups very very soon. 

This is not your regular internet or network offering. In-fact we work alongside your current provider to offer a premium optimised internet experience that runs over the top. Its aimed at SME and Corporate clients, and is generally not a product suited to home users unless you are prepared to pay a premium.

This product is NOT a CDN. However it can deliver similar performance you may experience by accessing a CDN. 

What the product does is utilizes bandwidth over large geographic locations. For example we may copy a file from Auckland NZ -> Dallas TX over a regular Hyperfibre 4GB connection. With regular internet it might gain speeds of up to approximately 200Mbps~300Mbps. But with this network edge service enabled the speed will be closer to 3000Mbps. 

Its a simple setup where the source requires a virtual machine running on their network edge/DMZ, and policy routes are added to their firewall.. Generally location based routing, but it could also be used at layer 6, which would be application specific traffic. 

We can also use both UDP type protocol's and TCP. TCP tends to be better for copying large files. The UDP mode tends to work a lot better for either many smaller files OR high quality/throughput data streams. 

Some current solutions we have achieved:

DR Solutions Restoring VM's up to 10 times faster from overseas offsite.


Moving Raw Film Footage for Film Industry

Utilising High Latency Satellite Uplinks


We do have some current clients as references. 


Get in touch if you are interested in the product or even if you just want to know more.