Hey team, first post here so bear with me, I've been sifting the internet for help on this subject, seems to be very little information out there


Managed to acquire a second hand HRV 5 vent touchscreen system for free (from my parents in-law so fairly confident it was working well). I plan to install myself and get an electritian to hook it up to power, but I'm having some issues.


The guys who removed the HRV didn't pull the old data cable that runs to the back of the touchscreen out of the wall when they removed it, so I picked up a 6p/6c RJ12 cable from PBtech. I assumed this is the correct cable but there is nothing clear cut on the subject out there. When plugging everything in to test it out, all i get is a blinking red light coming from the fan motor and nothing at all happening on the touchscreen, except a red light that comes on very briefly on the back of the touchscreen on the motherboard when i switch it off and back on at the wall. I tried again with another brand of cable and got the same result.


Hopefully that's clear as mud.


What am I missing here? Might be a long shot but does anyone know much on the subject and can point out what i could be doing wrong?


Thanks in advance