Hi All,


I'm having an interesting time with NFL Gamepass & want to see if anyone else is having the same issue.




EPSN have a 30 episode program called "Peytons Place" - if I watch it from NZ with my NZ created NFL account, it doesn't work (devices usually give some variation of "Video temporarily unavailable")


The support line have given me a "temporary 4 day pass" which if I login to - that works.


Because this is a 30 episode series, and new episodes are released periodically, 4 days ain't enough.  (Support have now suggested I try connecting over a VPN to mask the country ... )


So - can anyone with an NZ Gamepass account (and being in NZ) view and watch Peytons place (I'm trying to determine if my account is borked or whether the video is geoblocked given Sky appears to be showing the same series ...)