I recently helped to fix dead/faulty speedometers in Toyota, Lexus and Nissan cars.
Faults were - dead LED for back light, needles or warning lights. Usually high mileage cars over 10 years old, but also few fresh not so old cars, like Nissan Leaf or Toyota Noah.
The fix was: source working cluster and transfer data accross from the failed one to the working donor one.
The hard thing was to find the cluster. Wreckers do not nessesarily have them.
As part of my R&D in developing conversion solutions from Japanese to English, I have purchased a huge amount of various clusters from popular cars, all have English Interface.
In case somebody will need one of those in the future.
Here is the incomplete list:

Toyota Prius 50 Series
Toyota Prius 30 Series
Toyota Camry 50 Series
Toyota Prius V (alpha) 40 series
Toyota Corolla Hybrid ZWE186 2017
Toyota Auris Hybrid
Toyota Prius C 2012 - 2020
Toyota AXIO / Fielder Hybrid
Toyota Vitz Hybrid
Toyota Sienta Hybrid
Lexus NX300H
Lexus ES300H
Honda FIT GP5
Honda Vezel RU3
Ioniq EV 2017
Nissan Leaf AZE0
.. and maybe I missed some