Hey, heres another HTPC build that I'm looking at and again it has gotten a bit on the expensive side imo.

Here it is. Please in anyway help this build get cheaper.

These are the things I want out of the system.

a) Expansion, I will be building the system with 2 HDD's in it (One that I currently own) so I want a case that will be capable of having extra HDD's installed
b) Freeview, It needs to be able to play and record Freeview smoothly (I already own the Tuner Card, HVR 3000)
c) Blu-Ray, This is just something that I want to help extend the investment so it needs to be able to play them fine.
d) I want to be able to operate the system via remote and have a built in IR receiver so I don't have any unnecessary dongles around.

It will be running of a 32" HD TV.


(NB the monitor in there is kinda a little bonus and shouldn't really be accounted for its just something that I would like for my current system and to have for the HTPC on hand if needed)


I can't seem to get these image tags to work so :/