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#63613 30-Jun-2010 22:52
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Hey guys,

This is my first post so hopefully its alright. I've been looking at finally moving onto a HDTV display from my good'ole 29" Panasonic CRT.

Did a little research trip during the weekend and these are the front runners atm with thoughts below each:


(1) Sony 46" LCD 500 series - KDL46EX 500

Heard good things about 2010 Bravias. Purposely looking at 500 series since I didnt want to pay for any "Media/connectivity" features. I plan to run either a HTPC or WDTV type player so I dont need a TV with fancy multimedia features. Thus series 500 choice instead of 600 or higher.


(2) Samsung 46 LCD Series 6 - LA46C650

All my friends and family have Samsungs. Always heard good things about them specially when it comes to LCDs. The rep at JB HiFi did have both the Sony and Samsung side by side at default values and I found the Samsung to have more vivid colour/contrast.... but thats just in the shops? He said this was the closest TV in terms to price/quality to compete with the Sony mentioned above.


(3) Panasonic 46" Plasma V series - TH-P46V20Z

Ah the Plasma wildcard. I've personally had a soft spot for Panasonic and Plasma tech. I realise its about $500-600 more than the other two but I dont mind paying that if it is indeed a good panel. Also dont have to worry about response times and such... but LCD might have caught up?

The only problem is availability in the shops so I havent been able to see one in person. I did however see its 50" big brother and it looked fine. Need to find it on display in Auckland. (Im in West Auckland).


What I want and would actually use it for:

  • 75% gaming, xbox360, ps3 and PC via HDMI. 25% movies.

  • Not wall mounted

  • Do NOT want 3D tv (not interested) or LED tv (price) suggestions.

  • Main focus is on Picture quality. Dont care about weight, looks, connectivity. Purely about picture.



I've also notice a few HDTV that create frames in between for smoother action end up having a ghosting effect similar to days of old LCD. Would any of these panels have that issue? I did note that the Sony "brochure" mentions technology specifically designed to eliminate this when the Motion Flow 100hz is active.

Sony quote:

Unique to Sony Motion Flow is complimentary image enhancement known as Image Blur (IB) Reduction. This is applied to original video frames prior to frame creation ensuring image blur is reduced and not accentuated in the final, displayed sequence of frames.  

That said, it IS from a Sony catalogue after all so what are your, less biased thoughts? Wink


Thanks guys, sorry for the long post but I hope you do read most of it instead of reply with generic answers. Any decent info is greatly appreciated.


Also lemme know if you need more info.

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Uber Geek

  #346965 1-Jul-2010 12:50
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If picture is important I'd go for Plasma. It's nice to have a picture where black is black if you're watching a particularly dark movie.

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Ultimate Geek

  #346974 1-Jul-2010 13:22
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IMHO the Panny is a superior panel and the price reflects it. However I'm not a gamer so......

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Uber Geek


  #346995 1-Jul-2010 14:11
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All Bluray content is at 24 fps which is simply not fast enough for large slow panning shots etc. This is why the frame interpolation stuff is cropping up more now.  The jury is still out deciding for most people as to if they like this look or not.

I personally wouldn't go with Samsung having heard the problems getting the 5.1 sound out of the optical output. This is a cool feature of the TV3 HD broadcasts so I wouldnt want to have a TV I couldn't hook up to a receiver for 5.1 use one day.

I'm also plasma +1, especially given your requirement for the best possible picture rather than other non picture related aspects such as power consumption, weight etc.

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Uber Geek


  #347062 1-Jul-2010 18:28
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The Sony marqee is not as favourable as it once was - there are rumblings in the distribution channels about the overall quality of recent Sony products - most of the TV's are no longer made in Japan, reflecting a downward price pressure to compete, but Sony are still expecting to command premium price points on brand name.

I have no opinion either way on Sony, just an observation that I have read recently. Read the reviews carefully, check for unbiased opinions.

My thoughts are no longer my own and is probably representative of our media-controlled government


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  #347074 1-Jul-2010 19:07
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Cool, thanks guys. Let me firstly say and I do greatly appreciate all the help so far!


TBH I'm glad that the Panasonic is getting quite a few nods, I am feeling slightly biased towards it.Tongue out

So my new mission is to find a  Panasonic 46" Plasma V series - TH-P46V20Z thats actually on display somewhere in Auckland this weekend. Seems very hard to find online to in NZ, it is still a current model right?

I only have one price for it from a friend who can do around $2650. Dunno if thats a good deal, will have more info after weekend.


Once again, thanks heaps!

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Ultimate Geek

  #347158 1-Jul-2010 23:38
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Panasonic V20's are very good.

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Wannabe Geek

  #347300 2-Jul-2010 14:36
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Just seen the Panasonic P54V, P50V, P42V at the local 100% store. They all looked fine - in store conditions. The sales person mentioned that they didnt have the P46V in there system, he thought it might not be available in NZ?? He was also recommending them over the Samsung Plasma's, for picture quality. They had the P42V at $2500.

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Master Geek

  #347307 2-Jul-2010 14:56
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+1 for Panasonic Plasma

personally I think V10 looks better than V20.... whatever other upgrades they say they have V20 over V10... why not get a 50 inch V10? I think you can get them for $2500 mark if they are still available

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Uber Geek


  #347317 2-Jul-2010 15:19
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MrFlower: ... why not get a 50 inch

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Master Geek

  #347321 2-Jul-2010 15:31
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75% gaming, xbox360, ps3 and PC via HDMI. 25% movies.

The one caveat for plasma still remains, even with modern panels.
Panel retension.

Gaming has HUDS, fixed areas of text and shapes which will create retension.
Retension is possibly the wrong long term issue, that is wear and tear. Basically when a panel is new the pixels will have the brightest luminance they will ever have, the decay is log curved shaped(even at 100000hrs half life) , meaning the early decline or aging is steep then slowly curves off almost flat to the rated life hours where the luminance is half that of new.

When the panel is new is when you can effectivelly wear the panel in an uneven fashion causing areas of the panel to look as they retain stored patterns.

Do note, even LCD screens can do this, less of an issue, but it can still happen.

If you watch plenty of normal TV (16:9 shape) and or run in the panel for 100~300 hours before dedicating to gaming time you will lessen the possibility of the issue.

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ID Verified

  #347352 2-Jul-2010 16:48
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DavidJ: Just seen the Panasonic P54V, P50V, P42V at the local 100% store. They all looked fine - in store conditions. The sales person mentioned that they didnt have the P46V in there system, he thought it might not be available in NZ?? He was also recommending them over the Samsung Plasma's, for picture quality. They had the P42V at $2500.

Funnily enough, when I was buying my LCD, the salesman at Harvey Norman was of the same opinion - go Pana over Samsung.

He had lots of reasons, but never once put the Samsung down - just felt Panny had a superior product across al of the product lines - both LCD and Plasma...

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Master Geek

  #347424 2-Jul-2010 21:52
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The panasonic is easily the best choice if you prefer a realistic picture. I'm with the other guys on that you should go with a 50", not necessarily last years V10 but 50 has always been plasma's sweet spot.

Pricespy says only dick smiths has the 46" V20 but I wouldn't trust that too much.

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Ultimate Geek

  #347472 3-Jul-2010 10:51
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As a gamer, you'll be hard-pressed to find another panel with the same quick response time.

However, it would be prudent to stay away from any 2010 model that is manufactured before April. I don't know when the current NZ V20's were built, but the pre-April built models will see a 3x loss in contrast ratio within the first year or so of ownership. The post-April builds will still experience this but it has apparently been stretched out now to a point that shouldn't become noticeable (at least not to the first owner).

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Uber Geek

  #347474 3-Jul-2010 11:08
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Dont know about now - but when I bought a TV last September (Panny plasma G10 50" and very pleased with it), it was hard to nail down places that had them in stock. B&B and NL always seemed to be available on order - not much use really.

I found JB HiFi seemed to have a very good range of plasmas - maybe try them. They are also inclined to do a deal if you ask. Interestingly of the 3 TV sales people I talked to at JB (different branches) - one had a older Fujitsu Plasma and said the Panasonic plasma would have been his current choice. The other 2 people also mentioned they had Panny plasmas. Their staff actually seemed to have personal reasons for their opinions - they werent reading the advertising leaflet at me!

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Master Geek

  #347486 3-Jul-2010 12:45
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the V10 were made in Japan... not sure about the V20.

Why did Panasonic moved away from one sheet glass design? I thought this would have carried on from V10 to V20? Can anyone explain? is this part of cost saving from Panasonic?

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