Hi there,

I'm running a TBS 6980 dual-DVB-S2 tuner through DVBLink TVSource into WMC. Both tuners are connected to the same satellite (to two LNBs) and receive the same channels. I'm having a strange problem with one (DVB-S2, HD) channel. When I scan transponders in TVSource, this channel (Sky Sport 2 HD) is found by both tuners. Once I get to WMC, though, I can only watch it on one tuner (DVBLink tuner #1). 

Say I'm recording something (by default, on DVBLink tuner #1) and I change to Sky Sport 2 HD, it changes channels, but the screen is just black. There's no sound, but there's also no WMC weak signal or DVBLink error. It's just a black screen.

The channel works perfectly if I view it using the first tuner. And every other channel (~96) I have works perfectly with the second tuner.

Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this? 
Thanks heaps for you help!