All day today I've been having trouble connecting to websites/servers in the UK.

WWW / FTP / VPN connections repeatedly time-out.

It's an intermiitent issue.  That is to say that I intermittently have a decent connection, before it fails once again.

During school holidays I'm used to having virtually no internet connection first thing in the morning and usually between 4 and 6pm in the evening (I presume due to local network congestion or something of that ilk) but it's far from usual for it to have issues throughout a whole day.

This is becoming a regular issue with this Telecom connection of mine.

Usual practice is that I report it to them, they ask me to power off my PC and router for some time, then reboot and try using a wired connection followed by testing again using a wireless connection... I then may have to repeat some or all of the above, then tey tell me that nothing's wrong.

The last time (a short while before christmas) they asked me to do three speed tests per day, at different times of the day, over a period of 5 days and agreed to call me back to discuss the results.

They called me back 5 days later and asked me what my problem was with the connection (which by then had miraculously fixed itself).  I explained to the guy on the end of the phone that I had the speedtest results for him and he asked why.  I explained what I had been told to do... only to have him advise that he didn't know why I had done the speed tests nor did he understand why Telecom would have asked me to do them???


Today I'm back to having next to internet connection in terms of international traffic.

  • reports that I've got a connection speed of a little over 1Mbps (Normal)
  • I can access websites/servers hosted within NZ with almost no issues
  • either times out because the connection is so slow, or reports a range of results between almost nothing to a max of 0.5Mbps (when testing the speed to a server in the UK)
  • The Telecom Network status shows everything apparently "ok".
Am I alone or is anyone else having issues connecting to International sites on a Telecom broadband connection?