Our kids our now getting to the age where they know how to turn the TV on etc. so we thought it would be a good time to setup the Parental Controls on the TBox.

I'm not sure how it compares to the MySky offering but it's a little annoying that once you unlock a channel using the PIN, there doesn't appear to be any "timeout" where you don't have to enter it again. That is, if you switch channels at all even straight away that means putting your PIN in again. Couple this with the fact that you seem to have to wait for the info bar to disappear before you put the PIN number in then its a slow process.

Also there appears to be a bit of a bug in the whole thing which kind of defeats the purpose. If the TBox is turned off and is then turned on when a restricted program is showing, then you correctly get the PIN prompt. However, unlike when you switch to a restricted channel, the sound is on. This possibly isn't as bad as seeing the picture but depending on what program happens to be on at the time it might not exactly be child friendly.