It's not often that people share with others the good experiences they've had with customer service teams (at any company, not just telcos) but I feel that after posting about a negative experience I had with Vodafone over roaming charges, I have to give the other side of the story that has just happened.

About a month ago I called Vodafone and queried about $80 worth of roaming charges for about 7 minutes of calltime while I was in Australia over Christmas/NY - when the Vodafone Australia network was dead (as apparently their system is too lame to handle a predictable, once-a-year spike in traffic, but that's a whole other story). After talking for about 30 minutes on the phone with a CSR, there was no action taken in terms of writing off my roaming charges, and I was left fuming. I paid the bill as normal (what else was I to do?) and just 'forgot' about it all, although I was definitely looking forward to the launch of any new GSM networks in NZ so I can still use my iPhone but without giving Vodafone my custom.

Anyhoo, today, seemingly out of the blue, I get a phonecall from a supervisor at Vodafone who offered me a formal apology on behalf of Vodafone NZ, and also wrote off/cleared my most recent bill which was for around $60.

I think that's a great compromise - I paid the original bill (including the roaming charges) and then, obviously seeing that I'm still a paying customer of 7 years, they were willing to take a small loss in order to keep me happy with them as a provider.

So I just thought I'd share that with yall - as the saying goes, piss someone off and they'll tell 10 people - do something good and they'll tell 1. So hopefully more than 10 people read this and we'll be even :)