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Wannabe Geek

#270501 12-May-2020 18:39
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We’ve been having a nightmare with our internet accessibility over our Vodafone VDSL connection - it’s been going on for almost two months now, and Chorus, Vodafone, Bose and D-Link have been involved in trouble shooting (unsuccessfully).


The issue we’re having is intermittent, but simultaneous, stoppages across all our connected devices in terms of functional internet access - the modem says there’s a connection, but none of the connected devices seem to have access.  When the problem occurs, devices connected to the modem via Wifi and Ethernet are affected (i.e. it’s not just a Wifi issue).  Our setup includes:


Vodafone VDSL connection with 17Mbps down / 1.5Mbps up 
Vodafone Ultra Hub modem
One smart TV connected via Ethenet
One Bose sound system connected via Ethernet
Four/Five mobile phones (Wifi)
Couple of iPads (Wifi)     
Four laptops (usually Wifi)


We did have a D-Link Mesh Wifi system connected via Ethernet (with all non-Ethernet connected devices using the Mesh Wifi, not the Ultra Hub’s Wifi), but have got rid of the D-Link Mesh system following advice from Vodafone that it may have been the cause of our issue.
Vodafone has, on three seperate occasions, run 24-Hour line tests using their Chorus portal - no issues detected.


When the second and third 24-Hour line tests were being performed, I ran a continuous sequence of Ping tests from my MacBook while connected to the modem via Ethernet cable.  Notwithstanding that the line tests showed no issues, my Ping test results showed multitudes of slow and timed-out Pings.
Vodafone have suggested that we are ‘maxing out’ the modem - I don’t know what to make of this.  I doubt we’re high-demand in the scheme of things (one HD Smart TV, no gamers, bit of music and kids on social media), so surely a fit-for-purpose modem should handle that - if the line speed isn’t up to servicing the demand from the connected devices, I’d expect the modem to ration out traffic rather than freak out and serve up nothing?


Any help would be fantastic - I’m happy to share the result of my Ping tests if that may be informative.
Thanks, Simon 

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Ultimate Geek

Lifetime subscriber

  #2482153 12-May-2020 19:05
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You don't have power running near your phone line/same conduit? No electric fences or similar near by? Have you kept a record of the time of day etc when it 'breaks' so you can look for any trends?

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Uber Geek

  #2482163 12-May-2020 19:23
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What exactly happens with things stop, and how do they restart? What did Ping do during periods it didn't work?


With a number of users and limited upstream, it might just be upstream saturation. Once the upstream connection is running at capacity it effectively stops the downstream as well. The telltale for this would be ping response times suddenly spiking with a bit of packet loss but still some getting through. This could be what Vodafone are talking about in terms of maxing out.


Video chat, cloud backups, iCloud and anything else that syncs to the cloud or periodically sends (rather than receiving) large amounts of data could cause this.


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Wannabe Geek

  #2482169 12-May-2020 19:30
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There are no electric fences nearby, and I don't think power and phone lines are in sustained close proximity within the house (not sure what happens outside the house).


The two 24-hour Ping tests that I ran show some similarity from one test to the next, but I'm not sure the correlation is all that strong.  I'll upload charts of the two tests.


With regard to low upload capability, that makes sense - my daughters are constantly sharing Tik Tok and Snapchat videos.




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Wannabe Geek

  #2482172 12-May-2020 19:32
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When the issue arises, it comes right again after a period of time without me doing anything.  I do use iCloud storage, so that too makes sense.

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Uber Geek

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  #2482210 12-May-2020 20:46
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Uber Geek


  #2482228 12-May-2020 21:17
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  1. From the inside out
    Instead of Ping, you might want to consider something like PingPlotter. If can show you a visual graph instead of having to trawl through lots of text output from ping. If you pay for it, you can also ping several hosts simultaneously.
  2. From the outside in
    You can set up UptimeRobot or something similar to monitor the outside connection to your modem. If you set up a PC in a DMZ, you should be able to monitor your internal device as well.


By monitoring both sides of the modem, you can establish if the problem is inside or outside of your home network.






My network was/is experiencing a similar issue.



  1. Suddenly, all connected devices would report "no internet access" ranging from 2-5min
  2. Happened a lot during level 4 lock down, & some during level 3
  3. Seemed to happen between 08:00 & 11:00 (2 adults working from home with VPN & often video conferencing)
  4. We have heavier data usage at night time (online gaming, downloads, video streaming x2)
  5. We have fiber in East Auckland
  6. We are with 2Degrees


Initially, I thought this was due to our Ethernet over Power adapters, but now, considering this happened only in the morning hours, I believe it was more a heavy load on the 2Degress / Chorus infrastructure. Considering the outage lasted less than 5min, there was no point in me calling support. The problem would be resolved by the time I made my first IVR choice.



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Master Geek

  #2482271 12-May-2020 22:07
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When it happens (or preferably before), set up a couple of tests to see if the problem is local to your house, or to the internet....




Run two terminal windows......


in one of them, ping the local router at your home.....


ping  (or whatever the router IP is)




in the second one, ping google DNS






leave these running on the table for a few days...... when the issue occurs, see which ping fails.........


if it’s the local one (I doubt), then the issue is somewhere in the house.


if it’s further down the line then you need to push back on the ISP.


the ISP can also tell you if your router is reconnecting multiple times.....


also in the ADSL router setup page you may be able to see an “uptime” setting, when I had a similar issue the uptime seldom got above a few hours before it reconnected dropping all internet access for all devices in the process.








try making an incoming call to your home phone number from your mobile while the ping is running, I’ve helped numerous people with internet that dies on a incoming phone call. That means you need to check each landline phone in the house has a filter plugged in to it.











'That VDSL Cat'
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Uber Geek

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  #2482275 12-May-2020 22:23
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This sounds like upstream contention.




Can you confirm if when it's faulty if the lights on the modem don't happen to be going crazy?


You probably have a background upload going icloud or the likes. 1.5mbit isn't hard to congest to the point of being unusable depending on how your modem handles the queuing. 

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Wannabe Geek

  #2482523 13-May-2020 09:29
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Wow - thanks for all the responses.  Much to work through.


One further question is there an alternate modem that would allow me to prioritise devices and limit the max upload/download demands being placed on the line?

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Uber Geek

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  #2482550 13-May-2020 09:53
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One further question is there an alternate modem that would allow me to prioritise devices and limit the max upload/download demands being placed on the line?



I use Unifi Access Points, you can create connection profiles and assign them to devices limiting the max upload/download speed - I do this for all my non-critical devices to ensure my primary devices always have capacity for zoom traffic etc, devices like my iPhones have limited bandwidth


It does mean running a Unifi Controller (either a cloud key or virtual appliance)



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