I have a gsm goip gatway. and i am trying to configure it. but without sucess? i have a hosted softswitch
(rs8.sipswitch.eu) for 10 concurrent call. and other sited my router has got a static ip address. my sipswitch provider ask me i need a static ip for my gateway. i have only one static ip which is alrady setup with the router. and my router provide me a dhcp address for gsm goip gateway wiich is

i have put data on goip gateway


sip trunk gateway

siptrunk gateway 1  rs8.sipswitch.eu

id test
pssword test

on sipwitch.eu i have put data

id test
passwort test

ip addres

swould you please advice me how to configure my goip gateway with sipsoftswitches

it would be very appricated.