This isn't strictly Windows, more of a Microsoft rant.


I logged into my Outlook account while VPN was running, triggering an "Unusual activity detected" notification to a secondary email account. So far so good. There was a link there to click on to check the list of recent activities, which I did just for the fun of it.


It's a nice page, no more confusing than your standard MS user experience - it provides no helpful information but shows my current location in the row that is instead supposed to describe the unusual activity (account login in Europe).


But the real kicker is this. It says "You should recognize each of these recent activities. If one looks unfamiliar, click it to let us know." Nothing on this page is clickable. The blue "links" simply open and close the foldout. Meaning that if this was really a suspicious activity that you needed to report to Microsoft - you're shit out of luck. Ah, Microsoft, you've done it again.