Win 7 beta ran OK so decided to build new computer and use Win 7 64 bit as OS. Not a very ambitious system; E8400 on a Asus P5Q-EM with 4 gigs men and two hard drives. Boring is the only description I can give to the instlation which went without incident.

Last night I came across the first hicup when I reviewing some .tif files. I was part way through scaning a set of negatives when a friend needed to urgently borrow my scanner. By the time he returned it the new computer was in place which was what I had connected to the scanner when I scaned the rest of that batch of negatives. The first photo I opened needed rotating to landscape which Win 7's photo viewer did and saved the photo in landscape mode. However when I went to do the same process to a photo that had been scaned to the XP computer the rotate buttons were greyed out. As far as I can tell all the photos scaned when I was using XP are not able to be rotated.  I used Photo Elements 7 to open and save another photo and saved it as a "*.tif" and I was able to rotate the new file but not the original which also was a ".tif" file.

Apologies for taking so long to get to the point but has Microsoft changed the format of the ".tif" file.