So my dilemma started here:

However, I have managed to circumvent this by installing a squid proxy server at work which runs very well.  Now I can simply log on to the VPN to work (which has a 20mbit dedicated fibre) from home and then point my browser at the proxy and wham it runs amazingly well.  Since work has uncapped international traffic and my ADSL2+ with Orcon is very fast for national traffic, I can watch streaming video etc any time of the day and it just humms along amazingly well.

My knowledge of Squid Proxy is pretty limited though, what I would now like to do is use a program like Proxifier to be able to run an online game through my VPN to work.  For instance Age of Conan requires ports 7000-7100.  But try as I may to get this to work, I fail.

Is this a simple thing to set up? Can anyone help?  Is it just a matter of configuring squid.cfg correctly?