I disable and delete any schedules I find but then they keep coming back. I uncheck them, I delete them, I clear them and then minutes later they are back. Sometimes I am in the middle of watching something only to have eyetv switch to another programme to record. I don't want to record any. This has happened before but usually it stops after I clear out the epg. At the moment the epg has TV3 and other mediaworks programmes listed but these are not the only ones appearing on the schedule of 21-48 items all ticked for recording over the next day or so. It is annoying having to find out what is recording, stopping, selecting the remaining programmes on the schedules to delete them and having to repeat this all over again. Not to mention the interruptions from the recorder suddenly switching channels to record.

I have the hybrid and the latest version of the software. I recently tuned the stations and this problem recurred some time ago and after the replacement of the hard drive and new tuning so I don't know what's going on here and am at a loss on what to do next.