Hi All,

I'm looking into what options are available for car reversing cameras and monitors, and was wondering whether anyone had any experience or knowledge they could share on this?

From what I've found so far, there seem to be only a handful of NZ websites with anything worth looking at, but specific details regarding cables/compatibility etc are a bit hard to come by.  For example one site may have a camera that suits, but not a monitor, and another a monitor that I prefer, but not the camera, and if I get from different places I obviously need to know it's all going to work together.  (I've emailed one company for some info, but am yet to hear back from them).

There seem to be a ton of overseas sites (most originating in China by the looks of it, and often only able to sell in bulk), and I'd rather not fork out money on something like this without being completely sure it's all going to work.

Ideally, I'm wanting to get a camera that works as a replacement number-plate light, and a monitor that's a replacement rearview mirror monitor.  Has anyone used these rearview mirror monitors, and if so, what's the experience been?  A wireless transmission system of the image from the camera to monitor would be preferred too, so I don't have to try and get a cable from the back of the car to the front, but if wired is recommended I'm open to changing my mind.

Lastly, has anyone done the DIY approach on these, and how was it (easy/hard)?  Or is getting a professional installer to do it safer?

Thanks in advance for any advice!