I'm launching a new business later this year out of Nelson and a large focus will be on e-commerce. Interested to hear about anyone who sells things online and their experience with courier companies. 


I'm selling in two basic categories: furniture (dining tables etc.) and homewares (coat racks, mirrors etc.).


The furniture side of things would need to be handled by someone like Mainfreight or a moving company. Ideally I'd like a white glove service for that side of things (two people). For the smaller items a courier company is required. 


I've done a fair bit of searching online to see what courier companies have better reputations for online businesses but haven't found much. The main priorities are:


  • reliability (e.g. they deliver when they say they will)
  • customer service 
  • integration with e-commerce platforms either directly or third party (I'll probably either use Shopify or WooCommerce)

Cost is a factor too, but not the primary. Much more important that I find a reputable, reliable and responsive provider. 


Can anyone shore their experience with either a courier company or the larger movers (including white glove)?