Normally I give donations to a charity in lieu of presents as it feels more sensible than giving badly chosen gifts that no one really needs or wants. I’ve explained this so many times to everyone and they receive the card as proof, but presents still keep coming and it actually becomes stressful.

I swore no presents this year for anyone that doesn’t fit under my armpit, but... family are coming from Oz and they will be laden with gifts for everyone and it dawned on me that a Christmas tree with no gifts underneath for them is not an option especially since haven’t seen them in three covid years.

Bought the grandchild an Apple Pencil online and the box arrived but it looks so witheringly small, white and insignificant it needs some other 'things' to unwrap alongside, but what do you buy for a tween. I know she likes minecraft but that’s where my knowledge of this game ends. Also aware that whatever is bought needs to fit in a suitcase to return home in.

To make it more complicated we have a heap of presents for our toddler godchild and these will be opened in the presence of the grandchild who so far has that one tiny (expensive) gift and will be looking at us with a huge possessive 'why' in her eyes when the toddler is shrieking delightedly among masses of eco friendly wrapping paper. Explaining that the toddler's ten gifts are worth oodles less than your one tiny gift won’t cut it.

Hoping that others will add their inspirations and ideas for presents big and small to this thread to help everyone struggling with a similar first world problems. Kids are easy to buy for as they are happy with anything. It’s tweens and up that are difficult.

And yes, it’s all commercialised and wasteful and we shouldn’t fall into the same trap each Christmas but I swear next year will be different (repeated annually). @neb your contribution of a paint stirrer/mini crowbar was very elegant looking and am sure you have more bright ideas.