Just received the 'you've used 100% of your data' email but the Woosh website says I've used 71% and clearly shows about what I would have downloaded today  - so doesn't appear to be behind in it data.  I received the 'you've used 75% of your data' email last Sunday!

I've been limited to dial up nasty speed so NOT impressed! I've had NO other probs with Woosh (yes surprise I know but the've been good so far) - but I do suspect this has also happened last month, as I got sent the 100% used email when I wasn't even home for 2 days!  I would normally top up my data once or twice in a month.

Happened to anyone else??

Tried calling but it's late so will wait until morning.  Emailed from the website customer support page - but am mostly angry I seem to be on dial-up speed for nothing!!

Grrrrrrr :(