Hi all, new user here. I have a Netcomm NB5ADSL2+ modum router now coupled with a Belkin basic wireless route [model F7D1301 V1].

From changing to this wireless set up [need to for our coming house move]  we are experiencing a delay of up to 15 sec from the initial connection , from say within the NZ Herald website to a file story ... this is very frustrating ..

I am running Windows 7 Inter i3 CPU, 4 GB RAM and have a very small [under 10%] systems usage,

Currently with Telstra Clear, have a Ping of 47-55, upload varies from 5.71 to 12.25 an download varies from Error [no recorded] to .13

with all that I am stilol lost as to corrective acton to get a better connectivity.

hope someone out there can assist.


peter j