Hey guys,

Silly question - how much power can a PCIe 2.0 bus deliver?

The reason I am asking is that I have purchased (its being shipped atm) a PCIe graphics card (Afox LP HD6850) which draws its power solely from the PCIe bus.   The card at maximum draw is pulling ~130w.    My motherboard is PCIe-2.0

On a lot of forums I have read that power delivered was upgraded from 75w in PCIe-1.x to 150w with the implantation of PCIe-2.0.  

However PCI-SIG.com details that the maximum power deliver via PCIe 2.0 bus is 75w with additional power being required through PEG (power plugs for graphic card).

The wiki states that PCIe power was not upgraded to 150w until the PCIe-2.1 implementation.

So with the PCI-SIG and wiki above you would think this is the end of the story.

But.... always a but... Tomshardware.com tested this video card and the test bed they tested it on was only using a PCIe-2.0 bus.

So long story short does anyone know if this card will run in a PCIe-2.0 slot?