I have a problem with recurring appointments and synchronisation between my PDA (WM6) and Outlook 2003 using ActiveSync 4.5, and Windows Live using the Outlook Connector 12.1. The bottom line is that recurring appointments always end up being +13 hours out (which I assume to be our TZ applied twice - NZDST) on my Windows Mobile device.

It doesn't matter whether I create the appointment in Outlook, Windows Live Calendar or the PDA I always get the same problem eventually (after synching).

The weird thing is that, as an example...

1/ If I create the appointment in Outlook then synch with my PDA, the appointment appears correctly (in Outlook and the PDA)
2/ If I then synch with Windows Live Calendar, the appointment is then correct in all 3 places.
3/ However, a subsequent synch with the PDA (via Outlook) updates the appointment in the PDA with the wrong time... always +13 hours


The appointment is always correct in both Outlook and Windows Live Calendar. 


Lots of variables here, so I was wondering if anyone else had come across this problem? I have checked all my TZ settings, and all appears to be well. I suspect it is either my PDA (stock Telecom ROM - and btw, where is 6.1 anyway??) or ActiveSync.