Hi everyone,

I currently have 3x Dell 2007fp monitors in 3x1 eyefinity which I enjoy thoroughly, the only negative for me is missing my widescreen middle monitor.  I am looking for a monitor too replace my middle 2007fp.  I am after a panel with 1920x1200 resolution to match the current vertical resolution of my left/right monitors.  It seems it will need to be a 24" monitor to get the best dimensional fit in with my current setup.  I would also like to stick to the older Dell style to keep everything more uniform however I do accept that my easiest option is probably to get a newer Dell monitor.

I am trying to match physical panel height as well as overall stand height.
*Current panel height is 34.5cm or ~13.5"
*Overall height with stand is 50cm or ~19.5"

Possible closest fit in both size and style may be a 2407wfp but one may be hard to come by.

Appreciate your suggestions.