Hi! Anyone used Innbox V50U Home Gateway for Port Forwarding?


I am setting up the new Minecraft server on a small computer called Raspberry PI. I have installed the server on Raspberry PI and it works correctly when I try to connect via local IP address. Now, I wanna make it public. I installed Firewall on Raspberry PI and opened port 25565. On my Innbox V50U Home Gateway I configured Port Forwarding (Advanced Setup -> NAT -> Virtual Servers) for port 25565 (External Port Start: 25565, External Port End: 25565, Protocol: TCP/UDP, Internal Port Start: 25565, Internal Port End: 25565), and configured Port Triggering (Advanced Setup -> NAT -> Port Triggering) for port 25565 (TRIGGER: Protocol: TCP/UDP, PORT RANGE: Start: 25565 End 25565 | OPEN: Protocol: TCP/UDP, PORT RANGE: Start: 25565 End: 25565). Then I used service http://www.portchecktool.com/ to see if my port is successfully forwarded and - I get the error "Problem!  I could not see your service on ------------- on port (25565)". I tried the NO-IP service, but it didn't work, too. When I try to conncet with my minecraft client it shows "Conncetion Refused: No further information" error. Can anyone help me?