Having problems connecting to a vpn through my home router, wondered if any vpn guru's could assist me, scenario:

Linksys WAG200G running 1.01.06 firmware - Firewall ON, vpn passthrough enabled for all, forwarded udp 4500 to laptop running the Cisco VPN client with the default install setting untouched.
Attempting to connect seems to fail at Phase 2 after client sends a firewall request. I've tried putting the laptop in the DMZ, no luck either. Interesting thing is I can connect to the vpn from my work with no issues at all using default settings so must be something on the linksys causing problem. Log snippet:
217    19:35:15.905  08/31/11  Sev=Info/4                CM/0x6310000E

Established Phase 1 SA.  1 Crypto Active IKE SA, 1 User Authenticated IKE SA in the system


218    19:35:16.046  08/31/11  Sev=Info/5                IKE/0x6300005E

Client sending a firewall request to concentrator


219    19:35:16.046  08/31/11  Sev=Info/5                IKE/0x6300005D

Firewall Policy: Product=Cisco Systems Integrated Client Firewall, Capability= (Centralized Protection Policy).


220    19:35:16.046  08/31/11  Sev=Info/5                IKE/0x6300005D

Firewall Policy: Product=Sygate Security Agent, Capability= (Are you There?).

Any help much appreciated, thanks