Now that my health is getting better I want to get my life back on track through either work or study but not too sure where to go or what to do.


I live in Auckland and have had some short work stints from an internship and contracting working as a Systems Analyst/IT Consultant and IT Service Desks (I've always been into tech and like to tinker alot).


There's a bit of a story to this that turned my life upside down.


18 months ago I just finished my 2nd year of uni doing a compsci+info systems degree and got an internship as a systems analyst/consultant.


During the first few weeks of the internship I had a bike accident and pushed myself to return to work without understanding the consequences and symptoms until well after the internship.


Turns out it was concussion and I didn't know how to manage it at the time which I've been suffering with post concussion symptoms for the last 18 months.


Since then with all the health issues I turned down a grad position (same company), dropped uni papers, put my degree on hold and my partner found a new job in a different city. I've had a slow recovery but decided to cut my losses and support the move as she was the one supporting me.


Healthwise I'm much better now than I was a year ago and I'm ready to take the next step though I'm lacking in confidence that anyone would take me on due to not working for the last 18 months. I'm currently on the lookout for anything along the lines of IT Service Desk, Junior Systems Engineer, Systems Analyst in Auckland Central though I'll take anything inluding junior dev roles.


The biggest issue is that I need to gain confidence in my ability to work a 40hr week (to avoid the concussion symptoms), i'd prefer to start on low hours and build myself up to 40hrs but that's not how this world works.


Currently on ACC but with them I don't have as much control or support since I moved so I'm at the point where I want to take things into my own hands to get my life back.


I'm also considering doing a dev academy course with the hope that it can lead to something in the future or that it'll get my confidence back. I'd be interested to know if this may be a better option to get me back in the job market.


Any tips, ideas or advice would be much appreciated.