Hi guys, 

This comes not from my own experience but rather my mothers. She checked into a Jet Scum.....(oh I mean Star, Jet Star yes....*cough cough*) flight off of her iPad en-route to the air port, only to be told at the Jet Star check in that they had not received the check in confirmation and that check-in had closed seven minutes previous to their arrival meaning she could not catch their intended flight. Then proceeded to explain to her that she should have known the their system had glitches in it, and would not refund her flight. Forcing her to re-book, albeit on a different airline.
Now, when she went and checked her history on her iPad yesterday, it was all there the confirmation of check in etc, however this morning, the history and cookies were gone. Anyone ever came across this before? Pretty keen to get some money back from these (insert abusive nickname) but if we have no proof, i.e. web pages etc, that is going to be very difficult. 

Any help would be great. 

Cheers guys - hope you all had a good new year.