For sale:


Arlo Go 3G/4G/LTE camera (brand new boxed) 


Arlo Solar Charger 


Arlo Go skin (camo kit)




I used this camera for our construction site and had it running on 4G for about 7 months straight. Solar charging worked efficiently and never had to charge it. The battery charge always stayed between 85-99% in Wellington sun. So it works very well for its purpose. It has a siren function and was good at deterring unwanted visitors away.


It really gave me peace of mine during the construction and I would buy one in a heart beat again. Now, we have finished the project and moved in - this is no longer required.


Unfortunately, due to some neglect, I didn't realise when re-mounted it was mounted incorrectly with loose connector; which meant the water got in. NETGEAR replaced with a brand new unit. So it's just as if you are buying off the shelf from a shop.


Solar charger is in very good condition and so is the skin.


Brand new cost for all of this was $649 + $150 + $70. Asking $550 all up.




Pick up from Wellington or shipped to your address at your cost. Rest of the warranty remains until approx. April 2020.