I backed this on Kickstarter a few years ago but now don't need it. Fully unused (has just arrived).

This is the dual lens version of the front camera (Dride 4K Pro) with LTE and 128gb of internal storage (there is also a SD card slot for expansion). This seems to be better than the Blackvue cameras as it uses radar for parking mode + has cloud storage included for one-click uploading. If you pop a sim into it you can remotely view, grab clips etc. When you're at home it'll automatically offload its clips to the cloud over WiFi while in parking mode. Seems like a really cool product but just don't have a use for it anymore as my car has a dashcam built in.

Kickstarter link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dride/dride-4k-next-gen-connected-dashcam/description 

Webpage with more information: https://dride.io/dride4k 


I have the front camera now with everything you need to get started (hardwired) and will courier the rear camera to the buyer as soon as I get it for no extra charge (should hopefully be in the coming months) to add later on. The rear camera links up wirelessly to the front camera and just needs a power connection so is rather simple to wire up.

I'd just like close to what I paid for it back so $600 total shipped to your door. It is a pretty good deal for a 4K dashcam I think considering Blackvue goes for much more than that! This is a full self install kit and should have everything you need to get started.