I have been experimenting with one of these that i have just installed in my Acer AO532H netbook and am truly impressed with results,
especially since i can now run specific software for my SDR-IQ communications radio receiver without over loading the CPU. (for those unfamiliar with SDR or software defined radio, it's a 'new' approach to using radio. Best have a look here :
http://www.rfspace.com/RFSPACE/SDR-IQ.html ... but i digress).

I'm also able to play full High Definition movies (which makes for very enjoyable entertainment) on my netbook thanks to the BCM970012, it's main intention. It has given me a seriously powerful wee PC for just over $700 total outlay.

I've searched on here and very few seem to have been using the Broadcom module unit (except Craig back in March) and i am wondering why. I note that the device is available on Ebay but that only a few will export Internationally and at quite a high cost.
The other supplier is http://www.logicsupply.com/products/bcm970012 where they are USD$49.

Are any of you interested in getting your hands on the device at a reasonable price as i may be able to help... (note this is not intended as a profit making project, just an option to do some serious geeking)..... :-)