I've been with slingshot for like 6 monthsish now.

I moved house and at the same time wanted to upgrade my 25gb naked broadband to having a phone line + unlimited. I called them before the move and they said it should be all good. The internet connection + phoneline took about 3 days to switch over. But we are still on the 25gb naked plan 1month+ later. It was meant to be transferred on the 14th of feb.

Every single time I call them they put through a support ticket but nothing ever comes from this. I was told that it would be done definitely by my next billing period ending on the 18th of March. This has been and gone and calling them now they say that it will be done by my NEXT billing period.

Does anyone work there that can speed up this ridiculous process? Surely it's just a matter of switching my account from 25gb to unlimited now since the phoneline and internet here are working. 

Would it be worth getting them to cancel my account cause they dicked me around so much. Then just signing up again so that theoretically I'll be on unlimited within a week.

25gb doesn't cut it with 3 other flatmates :/