hey guys can this work without the need for the ead-t10jdegsta all-share cast hub/ dongle ?

using a s3, and UA46ES6200MXRD  smammy smart tv.

the all share stuff works awesome, if i'm in the default video player, can easily throw the video to the tv ...

but what about the screen mirror function?

ie http://youtu.be/7p6nOAcSUsE

i have a nfl game pass subscripton, and this is the easiest way to get it on my tv as far as i can tell ...if it works.

the allshare cast option on my s3 doesn't find my tv when it scans ....  so i'm thinking maybe only the series 7 and up tv's actually do it with out the dongle.

but man ... if thats the case ...is it mearly samsung holding it back to sell more dongles or tv's?

i mean if i can send 1080p video to the tv via all share ...then why not screen mirror /allshare-cast?

wonder if there is a non official app on the market somewhere