So this tablet must be a couple of years old now but to make it slightly useful, the user wants the On Demand Apps installed.


We did TVNZ without any trouble and it works as well as on an iPad or computer but, since TV3 are not offering a reason on their website why their "3NOW" will not install, i am asking here. The message that pops up after a minute is "Your device isn't compatible with this version". A friend has mentioned that TV3 only works on Samsung Android devices because they opted for a cheap and cheerful standardized pre-made SDK but surely you'd think they would want as many as possible Android devices watching their advertising and programs... ???


So before i spend any more time wasting my life, is there a quick answer why their Android app appears as not install-able on an Android device (running ver 6.0.1)? Perhaps there is another way in?


Apologies if this has been discussed elsewhere, sadly my ability to find it under Search has been poor... TIA