With either option you would also have to schedule manually rather than via an EPG.

Curious: why would this be?
In an "optimal" blaster setup (if there is such a thing) I would have thought that it would be eminently possible to hide the STB and use PC software for scheduling. Since Sky also provides these channels, you can just piggy back off a Sky EPG source. Alternatively, it might be possible to set up the blaster in such a way that it can blast the EPG button and you get to view the guide that way...

Yes, but how do you get the EPG data *in* to the PC in the first place? Don't you need the Igloo card in order to get the Igloo EPG?

If you have a DVB-S/S2 PC tuner, use EPG Collector to collect it into an XMLTV file (XMLTV has almost universal support in PVR software).
If not, use a source like the one described here: