Hi everyone,

I have a MySky HDi STB connected to my TV via hdmi and I also have a Sonos Playbar which is connected to the TV via optical. With MySky's audio set up as stereo/pcm I get sound through the Playbar for all channels including Sky and Freeview but the sound is very average. However, when I change the MySky settings to Dolby, there is a massive improvement to the audio on Sky channels but zero audio on the Freeview channels.

Is there a way for me to get audio for the Freeview channels through Sky on the Dolby setting? I'm not worried if Freeview is only in pcm but I would prefer to watch the Freeview channels through Sky rather than switching source inputs every time I want to go from Sky to Freeview.

Another thing to consider is that the Playbar has a single optical connection and therefore must be connected straight to the TV otherwise my other sources such as PS3 cannot take advantage of the Playbar.