Spyware: You won't see any more HD channels until they retask the satellite as DVB-S2 H.264. To do this they have to replace all the old set top boxes. Could be 3 or 4 more years I would guess.

Would the current crop of My Sky+ and My Sky HDI work now should the switch happen soon?  Are you referring to the standard digital boxes?  If the satellite be retasked meaning My Sky+ and My Sky HDI can get that extra HD content - that would surely be an incentive for those that cant get that extra HD content to upgrade their box.  That's what happened in the UK as you own the box - so are responsible for its replacement.  That being said the first generation HD box in the UK was a Thompson - but as soon as the EPG got updated and HD content exploded, it became clear that these Thompsons couldn't cope.  Customers who jumped up and down loud enough were given a shiny new box....or other customers were given discount boxes to sway them into upgrading.  Could be a similar philosophy for Sky NZ to ring in some extra revenue!