I'm not sure its been mentioned but for anyone using a blue smartcard in a 3rd party reader like an Omnikey 3121 hooking up to oscam etc for private use only - should be well aware that the HD ticket is not something being imposed at a smart card level as a standard subscription without the HD ticket still gets the HD channels in HD. The HD ticket is a "function" on the official decoder.


For example on my 3rd part solution using dvblogic etc (yeah old school MCE users/kodi PVR should know the drill/stack) on a basic+sports package I get HD on the HD channels with no HD ticket as such - it's been like this since the HD service was launched.


Quite frankly to be honest Sky does not deliver value to me any more and I will shortly be cancelling after being a customer for last 5 years or so - there is better content to be had via streaming services and the combination of local content on Freeview plus streaming services like iplayer etc creates a much richer bouquet for us anyway.


TL;DR; Don't just cancel the HD ticket, cancel Sky at the same time.