Who does actually whine they use antiquated technology? Almost everyone on here, except when the Sky deal is on I would hazard a guess that most of the core customers don't complain and the reason people think everyone is complaining is those are the only ones you hear from. But as the case with a lot things I am probably totally wrong.


I am into TV series and movies and while I agree that movies you can get from anywhere, SOHO is great for me, but it is true as I have SKY for other things the extra $10 a month isn't a burden. If it was just SOHO then I would not like it so much. But what if I have to go to source, then that is $15 for HBO, $15 for Showcase etc etc.


I agree about not subsidising sport and have no problem with that.


My biggest issues is that I don't actually think the end of SKY will actually end up in cheaper costs. If we ended up with multiple players they will all have overheads to pass on and the competition will drive up the source material. And the other thing I think would happen is local content would be sacrificed for cheap overseas content especially in sports.





I agree. What Sky has that others don't, and its not just Sport, if you have to get it elsewhere then you may have 5 subs, and faff around going from one to the other in any one day/night. Sports, that would either be one new Pay TV, same issue, or many one sport subs. Personally I like Sky's content. Sports, doco channels, and a mix of other bits and pieces. UX is 9.5/10 compared to SVOD, Reliability is 10/10. Just drop the costs a bit so they can drop the prices a bit