Yeah i wouldnt think its an option in the menu, I did see a few cases of RMA's on Tboxs from bad sectors in the hard disk. IIRC there is a disk check tool in the options or from the CRM?



Disk check is performed on power-cycle, if an issue is flagged, otherwise after xx days.  There is no remote ability to run a disk check, but there is a facility for engineers to enable logging to check for issues.   If the OP sends me their MAC address listed under the general settings on their recorder, I can check the disk health and enable logging to check for errors.


How the Disk Space Management works:


  • Automatic:  Oldest recordings are deleted first to make space when space reaches xx percentage.  Recordings set to KEEP won't be removed.
  • Warning: No automatic deletion.  If a recording is due to happen and there isn't enough disk space, a warning will be displayed
  • Ignore: Do nothing. No automatic deleting, no warnings.  If there is no disk space, future recordings will just fail.

Automatic is the default setting.


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