when i had mysky installed i was a bit annoyed to find the copy protection when i plugged in my dvd recorder, unlike my old pace box i had used for many years without a problem. Main reason i got mysky was to get HD on my new TV, sky dont have a single box with just HDMI and no record capabilites which is what I wanted, so was forced to go for mysky. i quickly learned about dreamboxes and what they do, found many being sold on tm. the mysky box has been sitting since sept last year now just gathering dust, took the smartcard out and have been using it with a dreambox ever since. Dreamboxes are just so much better, way better than mysky, can browse the net on them, get email, watch youtube and so much more. cant do that with mysky. and best of all no copy protection! i would give the mysky unit back to sky but they probably wont allow that unless I close my account too