A good positive story that I'm sure a lot of people will like

A little over a year ago I brought 2 Samsung phones from Parallel Imported at Te-Awa, The Base, Hamilton, a Galaxy S for the Mrs. and a Galaxy SII for myself.

Anyway the Galaxy S has been doing ramdom lockups for a while, but nothing a battery in and out wouldn't fix, recently apps vanished, or simply wouldn't work without a uninstall and re-install, and about 10 days ago it got stuck in a reboot loop so it was taken back for repair.

We have been waiting for it to come back, made a couple of enquires and told it's still been repaired, anyway got a call this morning, the phone is beyond repair and they will replace it with a brand new SII.

I was quite amazed, I was expecting a refurbished  Galaxy S at best, not a brand new SII.

So thank you Parallel Imported, great customer service!!! now the only problem I have is that seen the Mrs. has an upgrade to a SII I think I deserve a SIII!