firstandten: Brightpoint is responsible for supplying you with a refurbished unit. No-one in NZ is licenced by Apple to repair iPhones. If you bought it off Apple then you need to contact them directly and explain the situation as they are legally obligated to resolve a warranty issue as per the consumer guarantees act.

Call Apple Tech support on 00800-7666-7666 and they will trouble shoot and then instruct you on what to do.

Hope this helps.

Unfortunately, we've been there done that - no t-shirt to speak of.

I'm not entirely sure that Apple uses Brightpoint to distribute their directly sold iPhones in NZ. VF certainly do, but this is done under an 'interesting' relationship where-by VF effectively owns the stock that Brightpoint holds and has sole control over its distribution. You can't for example call Brightpoint and purchase an iPhone, even if you have an account with them. Same goes with a couple of other makes and models.

It was Apple who told us to contact Vodafone; Vodafone who told us to contact Mobilefone RESCUE and MfRescue who said they couldn't help (they don't service iPhones). Contacted VF again, someone different this time gave the number for BrightpointNZ who claimed they can only service "VF purchased" iPhones. Called Apple, who said to call Mobilefone REPAIR - we had to inform them that MfRepair is in receivership and their final suggestion was to call Apple Hong Kong.

The device was purchased in HK, BUT as of iPhone4 release, the warranty has been international (wasn't with 3G/3GS - we've struck the issue of phones having to be returned to Australia and even Switzerland in the past)

The international toll-free number given above diverts to either California, Australia or Singapore for calls originating from NZ. Evidently their KB hasn't been updated to reflect MfRepair's recent demise.

Next step is to call Hong Kong... not ideal... but we're running low on alternative options right now.