Does anyone have a Nokia C1-00??

I find its a great phone IF all you want to do is make calls and text.

What I want to know from someone who has one, is whether yours is brutally slow like mine is to load inbox/outbox etc, and slow at reading messages?

I've had in excess of 100 phones, and never had one slow like this even ones that are 8 years old!

It takes 8 full seconds from when I click inbox until it opens.

Also from anyone who knows about cellphones, but doesn't not have any experience with this particular model, the phone has 2 other "problems"...

First is sometimes if I do not text for a period of time, then the phone will not ring for incoming calls, and I do not get incoming texts. So for days the phone is silent. Then people tell me they have been calling, or texting but I don't receive them. But the minute I send a text, ding ding ding all the texts come through.

Second problem is on occasion, twice a week, while doing something the phone will turn off and back on by itself. Its done this since new.